Main Stream VGBootCamp

Video Game Boot Camp

VGBootCamp is the de facto standard when it comes to streaming Super Smash Bros. Led by GimR, VGBootCamp has continued to put in the work necessary to maintain their status as the premier destination for watching live Smash Bros. content online.

This is the place to be if you want people to watch your tournament, regular viewership is in the tens of thousands and VGBC was and continues to be home to countless moments in competitive Smash Bros. history.

Secondary Stream VSGC

Versus Gaming Center

Versus Gaming Center is the main organizer and sponsor of all Paragon events. They are a competitive gaming venue based in Pompano Beach, Florida and host weekly tournaments featuring the best the region has to offer.

Versus is slowly building its presence in the Smash Bros. community via player sponsorships, local, regional and national-level tournaments, and by acting as a secondary stream for national tournaments in the southeast US region.

Project M Stream ProjectMCentral

Project M Central (Tourney Locator)

Project M Central is the brainchild of the team at Tourney Locator. It is their effort to centralize most of the Project M content that is usually streamed on lesser known channels online.

Tourney Locator has established its' presence as one of the premier destinations for all types of streaming Smash Bros. content. We look forward to the high production value their team will provide to the Project M portion of Paragon Los Angeles.

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